Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Favourite MAC Lipsticks

One of my favourite MAC products are their lipsticks, they're simple gorgeous, enough said.

Now although I don't own a huge amount of mac lipsticks out of the few that I do own I have a few favourites. These are: Hue, Creme Cup and Coral Bliss, just because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM :) :)  I normally tend to go for pale pinky and coral colours when I go for a lipstick because they tend to suit me better than other shades. Which is the reason why I love these shades so much. Hue and Creme Cup are quite a subtle lipstick which is why I love them so much, they are the type of lipsticks that you can get away with wearing everyday. I like having a few lipsticks that I can wear on a daily basis so these 3 are good few to keep in your handbag and on the go when you just want a pretty but natural looking lipstick. The only one out my favourites which is a less nude colour is Coral Bliss. This is my favourite colour to wear in the spring/summer months, it looks gorgeous and yet it is still not too bright so like the others you can wear it on a daily basis which is what I love about it.

The only real downside about these lipsticks is because mac is a high end brand they are quite expensive, they are £14.00 each which isn't extremely expensive but then again it's not exactly cheap either. So when you come to choosing a lipstick from mac look up reviews about the one your thinking of getting, just to make sure you don't regret it, which I haven't with any of my MAC products so far!!

Do you have any favourite MAC lipsticks? If so I'd love to hear about them! Comment below your favourite ones :)

(If you'd like me to do an more detailed individual review on any of these lipsticks comment below) 


  1. I love the creme cup! I need to get my hands on some more MAC lipsticks they are so gorgeous :) x

    1. I really want to pick up Creme Cup - it looks like a gorgeous every day colour and everyone raves about it!

  2. Great picks! Coral Bliss is especially lovely and would be perfect for summer! xo