Thursday, 1 August 2013

L'Oreal, Extraordinary Oil Review

Hair oils have all of a sudden become very popular, so I thought it was about time I jumped aboard the bandwagon and bought one myself. The one I bought, if you haven't guessed already was the L'Oreal, Extraordinary Oil. The product comes in two varieties, one for coloured hair and one for all hair types. As I've never dyed my hair before, I decided to go for for the one suitable for all hair types.

You can apply it on wet or dry hair, whether you'd like it as a finishing touch or if you'd like to apply it on damp hair to protect it before's entirely up to you. I tend to use it after washing my hair, to make it feel soft and nourished once it's dried. I normally just use one pump as I don't have extremely thick hair and I don't want to make it feel too greasy. But depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you can use however much you want.

Overall, I've been using this product for over a month now, and I've been LOVING the results. I can't get over how soft it's making my hair feel, especially as I use lots of heat to style my hair which makes it quite dry. As this is the first oil I have purchased for my hair, I can't compare it to any other hair products similar to this, but I'm sure I'll re-purchase this product once I've run out.

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